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Nigeria Health Innovation Marketplace (NHIM) is a convergence platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, healthcare practitioners/advocates, NGOs, development partners and all key actors in the healthcare value chain from conceptualizer to end user. The marketplace explores and shapes alternative approaches to improving healthcare in Nigeria. In this marketplace, innovations – technologies and processes alike - will be borne, made visible, piloted and ultimately receive investments. We hope to achieve this through a variety of approaches that include sustained engagements and interactions in virtual and physical spaces, knowledge generation and sharing, and creating healthy competition and partnership. Thank you for visiting NHIM and we hope that you will make this your regular stop for healthcare innovations in Nigeria

Marketplace Components

The marketplace is made up of a plethora of components that cater to the various aspects in the lifespan of health innovations. These components are designed to cover aspects such as spurring innovations and innovative partnerships, offering opportunities for promising innovations to gain visibility, providing support systems for innovations to achieve market readiness and scale, providing relevant information and knowledge around the innovation ecosystem and many more.

Facts & Figures

We continuously strive to showcase, spur, and connect disruptive innovations with key actors in the health innovation ecosystem.












HiDAP 2016 Participants

NHIM Supported Innovations



The main objective of the Female Founders Network is to play an active role in encouraging female entrepreneurs in the healthcare space in Nigeria to gain hold of the opportunities available to them both locally and globally, or to create new opportunities for themselves. We aim to do this by providing unlimited access to the membership network.

Video Blog

Watch interviews, discussions, and seminars from the NHIM team, innovators, investors, and health professionals and development partners.

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Re-live the moments from our activities, as we converge to improve the health system in Nigeria.

Tributes & Testimonials

Abiola Oshunniyi

HiDAP ’16

Learning, fun, and innovation all in one. Nigeria has a future in the delivery of innovations in health

Ifeanyi Charles

HIC’ 15

An interesting opportunity to meet other innovators and creative minds

Amazing Amenze

HIC’ 15

People who innovate have the potential to change lives, I am glad to be part of this team

Bolaji Akala

HIC’ 15

The Health Innovation Challenge boot camp changed everything! The best thing ever

Subhash Chandir

HIC’ 15

Happy to have had the chance to visit Nigeria and be part of the innovators’ group. It was exciting and full of learning

Ini Inyang

HIC’ 15

I had an awesome time in the HIC boot camp. I look forward to the impact from these efforts. Thank you for the opportunity

Shola Mole

HIC’ 15

I had an awesome time in the HIC boot camp. I look forward to the impact from these efforts. Thank you for the opportunity

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