How to use the board

Hello again and welcome to the virtual community of practice.  In this note, we will be focusing on enlightening you on how to use the virtual Community of Practice boards. We will briefly describe the various boards and how to interact with them.

vCoP Boards

As you may have noticed, the virtual community of practice contains two (2) boards: 

  • The Discussion Board and
  • The Brainstorming Board.

The discussion board is open for conversations, deliberations, insights etc on innovation, technology and healthcare focused themes. The board will also feature announcements about relevant events, CoP meetings and more.

The brainstorming board allows you to work through any areas you need clarity, guidance, inputs from other members of the community or you just want to bounce off some ideas, get feedback on something you are working on etc.

Contributing To a Board Topic

To contribute to a topic, find and click on the specific topic item from the board. Each board by default displays a maximum of eight(8) notes, To view more notes, click on the pager at the bottom of the board

Fig. 1.0 (Pager you can use to access other notes on a board)

Clicking on a board note brings you to the “details page” of that note where you can read the full information, comments submitted by other users as well as post your own comments on the platform.

* Please note that you have to be a registered user in other to post a comment on the boards. If you are registered but not already logged in, click on the Login button at the bottom of the page. This will redirect you to the login screen where you be required to enter your login details, after which  you will be automatically redirected back to this page.

Fig 1.1 (login required to post comment on a discussion)

If you are already logged in, proceed to entering your comment on the comments form provided at the bottom of the page and then click on the Save button.

Initiating a note on the brainstorming board

To initiate a post/note, all you are required to do is click the “Add Note” tab, fill out the pop up form with the details of your note, click the upload/save button and vuala, your note will be posted on the board.

*Remember, you need to be signed in to be able to initiate a post/note.

NHIM Editor

NHIM Editor