The Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria is a country-owned private sector coalition that seeks to complement the government’s efforts to accelerate and improve health outcomes in Nigeria. It is focused on mobilizing collective capabilities, advocacy, innovation, and resources.

PHN through the Nigeria Health Innovation Marketplace (NHIM) has created a convergence platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, healthcare practitioners/advocates, NGOs, development partners and all key actors in the healthcare value chain from conceptualizer to end user.



Over the past few years, PHN has made efforts to grow its network which consists of several actors in the healthcare ecosystem. In order to have interactions about Nigerian healthcare, all players and groups need to be represented. A notable group within the Nigerian healthcare entrepreneurship ecosystem receiving seemingly low visibility and support, are female-led enterprises. NHIM has recognized this vacuum and in turn rendered a solution to this by creating the Female Founders Network (FFN).  Interactions with both local and international partners have highlighted the interest in female entrepreneurs and the opportunities available for them to receive both accelerated business support and financial aid. 


The main objective of the Female Founders Network is to play an active role in encouraging female entrepreneurs in the healthcare space in Nigeria to gain hold of the opportunities available to them both locally and globally, or to create new opportunities for themselves. We aim to do this by providing unlimited access to the membership network.


The opportunity to learn from the experience and expertise of other successful entrepreneurs through meetings, workshops and coaching sessions

Support Networks

This involves contacts in the business world, resources, tips, that will help grow businesses especially those at their early stages


Shining a light on the enterprises either virtually on the NHIM Innovation Hub and physically at showcasing events, so as to improve recognition.

Access to Data

Unlimited access to NHIM resources consisting of knowledge products, research papaers, and webinars that provide learning opportunities

Portal Access

Access to over 1000 users on the NHIM member's portal which provides access to collaborative partnerships and market opportunities.

Funding Initiatives

Access to NHIM's Innovation Challenges/Hackathons and it's global partnerships network for funding opportunities