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PHCs Anaemia Detection Improvement and Mentorship (PADIM)

Aims to introduce specially operated point of care (POC) haemoglobinometers in PHCs in Nigeria. The advantage of using this over the current methods is that this doesn't require electricity and gives a more accurate result. The aim is to lead to a significant reduction in anaemia mortalities.
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Preventing Hemorrhage, Saving lives: Tapping the power of a narrative

A simple, flexible multimedia intervention (compilation of women's stories) delivered via social networks to empower a rural Nigerian community to learn about and gain access to an inexpensive lifesaving intervention for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: misoprostol.
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Quality TB Care

Intended to strengthen supervisory system for treatment and management of TB through digitizing the paper-based data collection and reporting. The electronic forms were developed using Magpi. Health workers were equipped with smartphones to access and send the forms.
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PRRINN-MNCH Nahuche Health and Demographic System

Mobile phones were used for routine health and demographic surveillance.
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Rapid Response Ebola Test

An inexpensive gene amplification array that detects the Ebola virus within 30 minutes. It is able to detect the virus even when the subject may still be asymptomatic. The test does not need an expert supervision or training to use.
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Out of School Access to Sexual Health Education and Economic Strengthening (OASES)

The goal of the program is to test a replicable and sustainable model for the use of new technology platforms to provide out-of-school youth in Niger State with integrates sexual and reproductive health information and to address poverty-related vulnerabilities.
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Ovi Life Goal

Nokia phone application that has a range of personalized informational services, one of which covers health issues such as childcare, fitness, and diseases, which will be targeted at both urban and rural consumers.
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Polio Campaign using Smartphone

Android-based application that assists community health workers in their door-to-door vaccination campaigns for polio. GPS-tracking/disease surveillance helps assist with program and care management.
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Mobile phones used for data collection and entry into the NHMIS. Data is obtained from the monthly summary forms for health facilities. Mobile phones also used for reporting on DHIS Syatem
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