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vas2net Doctor's chat room

Doctor's chat room: is a voice chat service, where a topic is blasted for the day and customers can call into a conference room and chat with a Doctor who serves as the Moderator. Here, the Doctor will discuss the topic base on request from the callers.
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Out of School Access to Sexual Health Education and Economic Strengthening (OASES)

The goal of the program is to test a replicable and sustainable model for the use of new technology platforms to provide out-of-school youth in Niger State with integrates sexual and reproductive health information and to address poverty-related vulnerabilities.
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Mobile messaging for women

A service where women and otheractors get phone messages about maternal/child health, and pregnant women/ new moms get connected with local health services
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Mobile Product Authentication

Developed by Sproxil to enable consumers to verify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products by SMS.
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Mobile Midwife Nigeria

Mobile Midwife Nigeria is two complementary subscription services which deliver maternal and child health (MNCH) information in Nigeria with a sustainable business model which tests the willingness of clients to use premium services given a relatively cheap information service. This proposed project will leverage Grameen Foundation's MOTECH "Mobile Midwife" model in Ghana and tailor it to the Nigerian context.
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MSH awareness project

Increasing women's awareness and information to health and social services through mobile technologies, a proposed project with MNO and GSMA
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MTN Foundation (MTNF) Partners Against AIDS in the Community (MTNF PAAC)

Touch screens based in 12 centres are meant to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS in users language of choice.
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Health tips on mobile phones
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MyQuestion and My Answer

unique project that utilizes mobile phones to engage young people. My Question provides a mechanism for young people to ask questions surrounding sexual health and HIV and AIDS by text messages, through a telephone hotline, or through the service's Facebook page. 
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