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Ovi Life Goal

Nokia phone application that has a range of personalized informational services, one of which covers health issues such as childcare, fitness, and diseases, which will be targeted at both urban and rural consumers.
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Strengthening Integrated Delivery of HIV/AIDS Services (SIDHAS) Nigeria CQI ODK Collect

1. Set up the various CQI assessment checklists as entry forms in the ODK collect application and load them unto the tablets. Checklists include: a. HIV Comprehensive Center Technical Checklist b. Civil Society Organization Technical Checklist c. State Technical Checklist d. Financial Checklist e. Institutional Checklist f. HIV/TB Data Quality Assurance Checklist g. National Health Management Information System Data Quality Assurance Checklist
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SMS against medicine counterfeiting
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Mobile messaging for women

A service where women and otheractors get phone messages about maternal/child health, and pregnant women/ new moms get connected with local health services
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Mobile Product Authentication

Developed by Sproxil to enable consumers to verify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products by SMS.
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Mobile Midwife Nigeria

Mobile Midwife Nigeria is two complementary subscription services which deliver maternal and child health (MNCH) information in Nigeria with a sustainable business model which tests the willingness of clients to use premium services given a relatively cheap information service. This proposed project will leverage Grameen Foundation's MOTECH "Mobile Midwife" model in Ghana and tailor it to the Nigerian context.
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MSH awareness project

Increasing women's awareness and information to health and social services through mobile technologies, a proposed project with MNO and GSMA
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MTN Foundation (MTNF) Partners Against AIDS in the Community (MTNF PAAC)

Touch screens based in 12 centres are meant to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS in users language of choice.
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Health tips on mobile phones
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