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National OVC Management Information System (NOMIS)

FHI360 developed the National OVC Management Information System (NOMIS) under the GHAIN project. NOMIS is a web enabled client level database for managing data from OVC programs. Generates custom reports and charts. Interoperable with DHIS. Adopted by the FMWASD as the national database for OVC.
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National HMIS

The National HMIS platform is the decentralized integrated portal for submission of data from all facilities in Nigeria. Based at the Department of Health Planning, Research and Statistics, FMOH
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An Enterprise National Medical Intelligence and Surveillance Meta-Platform that aims to make patients medical history accessible to the government and authorized medical practitioners through a combination of a series of applications that will be developed.
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MyQuestion and My Answer

unique project that utilizes mobile phones to engage young people. My Question provides a mechanism for young people to ask questions surrounding sexual health and HIV and AIDS by text messages, through a telephone hotline, or through the service's Facebook page. 
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Health tips on mobile phones
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MTN Foundation (MTNF) Partners Against AIDS in the Community (MTNF PAAC)

Touch screens based in 12 centres are meant to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS in users language of choice.
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MSH awareness project

Increasing women's awareness and information to health and social services through mobile technologies, a proposed project with MNO and GSMA
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Monitoring Supplies with RapidSMS

SMS for dynamic data collection, logistics coordination and communication care, particularly in rural areas by improving quality of coaching of volunteers in PPTCT and improve data collection by the use of an innovative mobile phone system.
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Mobile Health Insurance Programme (mhealth)

To achieve universal health coverage by leveraging existing mobile technology. Enrolees can register, subscribe, and manage their subscription via their mobile phones The health services covered include both in-patient care, out-patient care and minor surgery
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