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Executive Summary
In Nigeria, 2,300 children under the age of 5 die every single day. Most of these deaths are due to preventable causes, and are the result of a chronic lack of access to quality health information and medical personnel. OMOMi is an app that at the touch of a button enables mothers & pregnant women do 2 things: Firstly, it connects them with doctors in real-time. Secondly, it provides them access to life-saving maternal & child health information. With OMOMi, a mother has her child’s doctor at her fingertips 24/7. Just a few weeks ago, a 27 year old first time mother using OMOMi’s Chat With A Doctor feature, was able to detect an umbilical cord infection in her 8 day old baby when she sent the doctor a photo of the baby’s cord; & because of this she was able to seek help promptly at a hospital, which saved the baby’s life. OMOMi consists of a mobile app and a web app, and already has 39,000 users. The uniqueness of OMOMi is our very strong social component that ensures that our users are constantly engaged. OMOMi has a vibrant online community of mothers and pregnant women, where these women can interact with one another, keeping them constantly engaged with over 5,000 monthly active users
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Edo State
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N 63,087,500.00
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