National Guidelines for HIV Prevention Treatment and Care

These guidelines for the prevention, treatment and care of HIV infection provide the guidance that health workers require to deliver a comprehensive package of high quality HIV prevention, treatment and care interventions that cater to the needs of persons living with HIV and of individuals exposed to a high risk of acquiring HIV infection.

Beyond the individual patient, these guidelines will serve as launch pad for the attainment of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets.The key recommendations of these guidelines include initiation of ART in all persons testing positive for HIV including children, adolescents, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women, regardless of clinical and immunological stages of the disease.

Other recommendations cover the retesting of patients prior to initiation of ART, adoption of pre-exposure prophylaxis for individuals at high risk of acquiring the infection and addition of Dolutegravir, Efavirenz 400 mg and Darunavir/ritonavir to the pool of approved antiretroviral