Society for Family Health: Success in Nigerian Health sector Supply Chain Management Innovation, Integration and Leveraging

Society of Family Health (SFH) was founded in 1985, and today is the largest Nigerian-managed non-profit organisation working in Nigeria’s health and development sector. SFH implements social marketing programmes in reproductive health, HIV & AIDS, maternal and child health, malaria and water and sanitation. SFH specialises in bringing public health commodities and messaging the last mile to improve the lives of Nigerians by successfully navigating Nigeria’s challenging supply chain management environment. SFH has two key approaches to improving the lives of Nigerians: conducting behaviour change communication (BCC) activities that lead to informed choices and providing health-promoting commodities and services, widely. These two approaches are implemented through skilled staff with concrete knowledge of costing structures (cost recovery, subsidized and free), making SFH a business leader in Nigeria.