The dawn of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) re-echoes the need to harness innovative solutions that is critical to achieving health-related goals by 2030 and beyond. Over the years, the Federal Government has continued to embark on implementing programs in Routine Immunisation (RI). While some progress has been achieved in national DTP3 with coverage rates reaching 69 percent in 2010, challenges still exist with coverage rates below the average for Africa; an under-five mortality rate of 138 child deaths per 1,000 live births making it the 18th highest rate in the world.

Current health interventions geared towards improving immunisation coverage within the country are insufficient to raise the low-level health system equilibrium. The country’s transition towards Universal Health Coverage however provides a compelling opportunity to take stock on progress and inspire innovative approaches to improve routine immunisation as well as, engage the capabilities and competencies of the country’s vibrant private sector to harness viable innovations.