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Contributing to the health sector through partnership.

Africa Resource Center for Supply Chain

The Africa Resource Center for Supply Chain (ARC) is a think tank, a strategic partner and an independent advisor on Supply Chain to the relevant Government bodies striving to meet their public health goals. The goal of the ARC is to improve availability and coverage of basic life-saving services/commodities by (i) mobilizing private sector capabilities, expertise, resources and tools to complement other actors in the public health supply chain ecosystem to accelerate and sustain improvement in key supply chain outcomes and (ii) catalyzing the development of an in-country local talent pool in supply chain management, to service manpower needs of Nigeria’s public health supply chain and other sectors including the broader private sector.

ARC Nigeria aims to achieve its goal through three broad and inter-related intervention focus areas;

  • unlocking private-public sector partnerships;
  • improving supply chain strategic support and
  • catalyzing development of local talent for supply chain.

Program Target

To improve governance and accountability for supply chain performance in selected archetype States to increase (in-stock) availability of life-saving commodities to 90% (subject to baseline assessment); To increase the number of 'expertise and skills' transfer on supply chain between private sector companies and selected archetype States and public health institutions (up to 10 in 5 years, subject to baseline assessment); To increase the production and capacity of local talent on supply chain management to service public and private sector needs in Nigeria and West Africa sub-region; To unlock the market potential of the supply chain health sub-sector by addressing market failures and facilitating private sector investments to realize up to 3 negotiated commitments for investment PPPs to support health supply chain (subject to baseline assessment).


Public health institutions and underserved states in the country