Health Innovation Partnership

Contributing to the health sector through partnership.

National Healthcare Quality Improvement(NHQI) Initiative

The National Healthcare Quality Improvement Initiative started in 2015 with Lagos as the first state to be enrolled. Imo state was enrolled later in the year and Niger in 2016. We make use of two models (the collaborative model and the model for Improvement) to carry out the project. Using the breakthrough series, the state teams engaged stakeholders in the state and selected facilities using two criteria: a high patient volume and an occurrence of deaths (maternal and / or neonatal deaths and / or stillbirths). Improvements in processes on the project include:

  • A 24% reduction in maternal deaths on the Imo state collaborative.
  • A 25% reduction in maternal mortality on the Lagos collaborative

In Niger state, we have observed a faster improvement in process indicators as a result of implementing change packages from Lagos and Imo states.  For example, in the last six months, partograph coverage by 132%”.

Program Target

1. To reduce facility based maternal deaths by 25% 2. To reduce facility based neonatal deaths by 15% 3. To improve patient satisfaction scores by 30%


Lagos: 40 hospitals Imo: 20 hospitals Niger: 20 hospitals